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Simple Burial 

$ 3190 + Burial Fee

The Simple Burial option includes a dignified transfer of your loved one into our care, professional and caring preparation and burial.

We will transfer your loved one into our care and provide fundamental hygienic services.  One of our funeral directors will visit you at your home or you are welcome to visit us at our premises to finalise arrangements which will include the preparation and lodgement of all necessary documentation including the Death Certificate.

There is no opportunity to view your loved one with this option.  If, however, you would like to spend more time with your loved one after we have brought them into our care, the Graveside Gathering would be a better option.

We will take care of transportation and burial of the deceased.


The purchase of a plot and burial fees are in addition to the above price. As there are many locations and different circumstances the price will vary.   Please contact us to provide you with more information specifically for your situation.



Due to the unique options and pricing, full payment is required before the funeral service or the day of burial.

This service includes 24-hour advice and support.



If you would like an upgrade from a rimu foil casket included in this option please click on the link below to view our full casket options and prices.


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We are able to source an extensive range of memorial jewelry and keepsakes. For different options and prices please speak to your funeral director.  There is often a delay as theses items need to be ordered in.


Pre-Planning and Pre-Pay options are available.

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