Small Gathering

$ 4,190

The Small Gathering option provides a dignified transfer of your loved one into our care, professional preparation and cremation.  You also have the opportunity to spend time with your loved one at our Funeral Home.


This service includes 24-hour advice and support.



  • We will transfer your loved one into our care and provide fundamental hygienic services.

  • One of our funeral directors will visit you at your home or you are welcome to visit us at our premises to finalise arrangements which will include preparation of all necessary documentation including the Death Certificate.

  • A private 45 minute gathering/viewing for up to 10 people at our Funeral Home.

  • We will take care of the cremation and all required fees.  The ashes will be available to you within three working days following the cremation.

  • Due to the unique options and pricing, full payment is required before the funeral service or the day of cremation.


If you would like a celebrant to talk on your behalf and have the opportunity to catch up with guests following a service, A Family and Friends Service would be a better option.




  • Additional  fees for other hygienic services – Full or partial embalming may often enhance the viewing experience, or be necessary for preservation. Both options are available if required and can be discussed with your funeral director.

  • Additional casket options are available – click on the Casket Brochure below.

  • If you would like to spend more time with your loved one, this can be arranged and an additional fee would apply.

  • Additional fees for weekends, after hours and public holidays.

  • Additional fees may apply if travel is outside of South Canterbury.


Urns and Keepsakes

We are able to source an extensive range of memorial jewellery and other urn types.  To view our catalogue, click on the link below for options and prices.  Please note there will be a delay as these will need to be ordered in.



If you would like to upgrade from the cremation casket included in this option, please click on the link below to view our full casket options and prices.


Frequently asked questions

When will I see my loved one again?

We will arrange the opportunity for you to spend some time with your loved one at the Crematorium Chapel.

When will I receive the death certificate?

The death certificate is registered online on the day following the cremation and lodged with Births, Deaths and Marriages. It then takes 5-10 working days to be prepared and is posted direct to the Next of Kin as stated on the arrangement form.

Can we have catering?

With a Small Gathering Package, catering is not included. However, if you would like to have catering, a Funeral Service may be an option more suited to you.

When will we receive the ashes?

One of our funeral directors will contact you once the ashes are ready to be collected. The ashes may be available two to three business days following the cremation.

Do the flowers get cremated as well?

The flowers get cremated along with the casket, however if you wish to keep the flowers, your funeral director will make sure these are given to you prior.

What are your payment terms and options for payments?

Due to the unique options and pricing, we do not run credit accounts. Full payment is to be made on or before the funeral service or the day of cremation.

What is a death notice

A death notice is a short message printed in the Timaru Herald on the obituary page. Typically, a death notice states the full name, date of death, family details, and general service details of the deceased. Your funeral director will assist you to write the death notice.


Pre-Planning and Pre-Pay options are available.

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