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Friends and Family

$ 6990

The Friends and Family package gives you the opportunity to get together with family and friends for a simple, dignified funeral followed by a cremation.  You may also spend some time with your loved one prior to the funeral service.

Funeral services are held Monday to Friday at 10.00am and 1.30pm.

This service includes 24-hour advice and support



  • We will transfer your loved one into our care and provide fundamental hygienic services including partial embalming.

  • One of our funeral directors will visit you at your home or you are welcome to visit us at our premises to finalise arrangements which will include preparation and lodgement of all necessary documentation including the Death Certificate.

  • A Rimu foil casket with upholstered lining, handles, nameplate and (if you require it) religious memorabilia.

  • We will compile and place a funeral or death notice in the newspaper.

  • There is an opportunity to spend some time with your loved one prior to the funeral service in our Funeral Home.

  • The funeral service may be held at a range of venues located in South Canterbury or an alternative venue which could be a church or residence.

  • We will arrange a celebrant or clergy to officiate the ceremony and arrange and print 50 service sheets.

  • A single rose will be placed on the casket.

  • We will take care of the cremation and all required fees.  The ashes will be available to you within three working days following the cremation.

  • Due to the unique options and pricing, full payment is required within 7 working days of the cremation taking place.



  • You may want to include catering your Funeral Director can provide costing.

  • Create a professional Photo Presentation Tribute - $200.

  • A memorial signature book - $20.

  • Additional casket options are available – click on the Casket Brochure below.

  • If you would like to spend additional time with your loved one prior to the service, this can be arranged and an extra fee would apply.

  • Additional fees may apply if travel is outside of South Canterbury.

  • Weekend services include an additional fee of $600.


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The Friends and Family

Salisbury Park Crematorium Chapel (included in this option)

The Salisbury Park Crematorium Chapel is ideal for most gatherings. This facility has indoor seating for up to 100 guests and full multimedia system, including widescreen LCD, microphone system and CD/DVD player. The Chapel also has onsite parking and catering facilities.

Other Venue (Details and additional costings to be discussed with your funeral director)


Caskets, Urns and Keepsakes

If you would like to upgrade from the  casket included in this option, please click on the link below to view our full casket options and prices. We are able to source an extensive range of memorial jewelry and other urn types.  To view our catalogue, click on the link below for options and prices.  Please note there will be a delay as these will need to be ordered in.



Civil celebrant (included in option price).  The celebrant can conduct either a religious or non-religious service, depending on family preferences.

Clergy member (included in option price). If a member of clergy is required, this will be discussed with your funeral director.




Your funeral celebrant will ask you what songs you would like played and when during the service. We will source the music and make sure it is played at the appropriate time.


  • Organist required = From + $150*

  • Bag piper required = From + $250*

An organist can be engaged if hymns are to be sung.

* Correct at time of printing. These prices are subject to change.


Service Sheets

We will design and print 50 service sheets or bookmarks for your service.


  • A5 Service Sheet + $2.50 each

  • Additional service sheets + $3.15 each

  • Additional Bookmarks  + $2.00 each


Service Tributes

These service tributes are an additional cost.

  • Memorial signature book + $20

  • Family provided Photo Presentation on CD, DVD or USB.  Testing and AV equipment hire fee  + $175.

  • Create a professional Photo Presentation Tribute shown during the service, usually 35 - 40 photos are included accompanied by music. + $200

A memorial signature book is a personalised booklet with signature pages on the inside where your guests can enter their thoughts and attendance before and after the service.



Catering is an additional cost.

Catering is not available at the Crematorium.  At other venues it is possible, the additional cost can be discussed with your Funeral Director.


Pre-Planning and Pre-Pay options are available.

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